The World’s on mobile, where are you?

Is mobility important for your business? This is no more a question that needs a detailed response. Refer our blog on benefits of mobile apps for your business and customers.

iOS, Android or Both?

It depends on your target user base. If you are building a customer facing apps and your customers are mainly using iPhones, you can first launch an iOS apps followed by Android and vice versa. If you are building a business app like salesforce management for internal use, you can launch an app for the smartphone that you have provided to your salesforce.

How MKSTechno helps you build Superior Apps?

MKSTechno has an experience of over 5 years and 250 mobile apps. We help you build your mobile app from concept stage to launching on app stores. Through our expertise, we ensure following:

  • Superior design: Our team of designers and UI/UX experts ensure that your apps have beautiful and user-friendly interface with great focus on user experience.
  • Optimization: We optimize your apps properly for App stores with proper branding and best practices.
  • Analytics: We implement analytical tools in the apps to provide meaningful insights to you about customers and app usage. This helps to improve the apps and convert more customers.
  • Maintenance: We maintain your apps round the clock so that your users get great experience.