An ERP is the most vital need for an organisation and going Open Source opens door to a new level of customisation. Odoo is one of the best Open Source ERP solutions available in the market. We as customers are always on the lookout for a dynamic and flexible software solution which can fit into the monotony of our business operations. The primary goal is to achieve maximum efficiency with a seamless workflow.

Odoo as a software solution is a complete enterprise package. Odoo has more than a thousand modules to choose form and if a unique module is required we can develop and integrate it with ease. The ease of access is immense and the overall look and feel makes it very user friendly. Be it a small or medium sized business or an enterprise level business, Odoo can be the answer to all your business needs.

Our endeavor is to provide best in class quality solutions that can solve real business problem. We have a pool of talent capable in working with diverse clients from different geographies of the world.

Our team is committed to provide customized Odoo solutions specific to your business needs. With more than a decade of experience, We Are Experts, when it come to doing innovation and pushing the boundaries of present knowledge. Combined with leading technology and defined processes, services of MKSTechno are unmatched.

How we do it?

In Depth Business Analysis

Analyze each aspect of the business, give an intelligent & in-depth analysis on existing practices.

Process Improvement

Consulting to improve business processes, achieve success by adapting to market standards.


Inspect your current ERP, enhance business processes by replacing it with ODOO.


Provide necessary technical, functional and administrative training.


Upgrades, maintenance and other fixes.